Succeed With Healthy Meals

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The biggest excuse I hear when it comes to eating healthy, is it’s much easier to eat unhealthy. Well having a quick healthy meal is just as easy to come by then having a quick unhealthy meal. Lets take a look at some of the main reasons people have this negative thought engraved into their mind. At then end I will share a quick healthy recipe I have used for ages.

Fast food restaurants and advertising are the worst factors when trying to eat better, healthier meals. Turning on your television or computer to see advertisement after advertisement from the hundreds of eat quick and unhealthy franchises makes it hard to focus on choosing healthier foods. In order to kick the notion that eating healthy is hard, a number of factors can come into play. Everyone should realize it is just as easy to create a quick healthy meal.

Knowing what healthy food is, is usually up in the air. Getting a basic knowledge of what is and isn’t healthy can quickly change your eating patterns. A quick healthy meal is something that may take a bit to learn but when it is learnt, can make all the difference in the world. There are many different sources for finding out healthy alternatives, so take a look around and learn what is good for you to eat.

Being organized is another big thing for seeing success in eating better. You are probably thinking, how can being organized help me eat better? Well, it has been known for years that having foods planned in advance will help you stay on track and succeed. By this, I mean, wright out what you are going to have each day.Even do it for a week at a time. The only way to make this work though, is being organized, and have all the food available to you when it comes time to cook. It’s to easy to mess up and not have the right food at home, next thing you know, you will be sitting in the nearest fast food drive through.

A trick I use to help make it even easier on myself not to fail at this, is do everything all at once. What that means is, usually I will choose a day where I have a bit of free time and do a big batch of something for the whole week. This makes it easier to whip up a quick healthy meal on the go. An example is, I will take out 10 chicken breasts, season and cut them, and then fry them up in a pan. After all the chicken is cooked, I throw it into a container and toss it in the fridge. Now, I have chicken to make a quick healthy meal all week. I usually will cook something that will work for many different meals. It is easy to use chicken in any type of meal.

Now for the free recipe. This to me is a simple quick healthy meal that anyone can create and enjoy. What I will do is just explain how I put it all together. I won’t say how much of the ingredients I use because it will be different for each individual that makes it. Make your portion as big or as little as you want. So, the meal is going to be a Chicken Caesar in a Pita. I take a chicken breast out of the freezer; put it into the microwave for a minute to let it thaw out. Cut it into little chunks of your desired size. I use some olive oil, granulated garlic powder, and some hot sauce to season the meat. Throw the meat into a medium heat frying pan. I stir the meat regularly, after about 5 or so minutes the chicken should be done. From there, I cut up some roman lettuce and grate some cheese. I will mix the chicken, cheese and lettuce in a bowl and add some caesar dressing on top. Put a lid on the bowl and shake it up until fully mixed. Once mixed, I fill up a pita with the contents of the bowl. And there you have it, one quick healthy meal. The total time for all this is about 10 – 15 minutes at the most.