Exercise Motivation – How to Become an Expert!

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Regardless of how much we weigh, we all know that exercise is good for our health. Regular exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy. It does not only keep us physically fit but more important, exercise helps us live longer. There are a lot of activities that can merit as an exercise. Also, as few as 30 minutes each day is enough to keep us healthy, fit, and living longer. You’re probably saying, “I don’t have 30 minutes to spare everyday!” I’m sure you do. What you don’t have is enough exercise motivation. This article will tell you how you can become an expert in motivating yourself to exercise. Here’s how you can do it.


Who doesn’t want to see how he/she would look like with a few inches off? Go get your current photograph and Photoshop it to your goal size. Let someone else do it for you if you can’t do it yourself. The important thing is to have it done. See how you will look like 20, 30, 40 pounds lighter! Print the pictures and post them all around your house and work area. This will surely get you motivated to stick to your exercise routine. The power of visualization is a good way for you to start.


Make an accomplishment journal. Write down all of the positive things you have accomplished regarding your weight goals. Write down how long you ran, how you overcame the temptation to binge, write down how good it felt to stay on track. Seeing these accomplishments written on paper will show you how far you have come and how it is wrong to just stop. Get yourself a kinky or manly notebook, whichever suites your taste, and start writing! Keeping an accomplishment journal is a good way for you to hype up your exercise motivation.


Every once in a while, everyone can use that much needed pat on the back to tell us that we did something good. So go ahead and reward yourself. As an example, when you have reached a target weight, treat yourself to a relaxing massage. You can think of countless ways to reward yourself with, so long as it doesn’t have anything to do with food, binging, and skipping exercises, then you’re good to go. Think of something that will really inspire you to continue exercising.

Remember, if you have time to watch TV, eat out, meet up with friends, and talk on the phone – you definitely have time to exercise. Time is never the problem! Stay focused and let these simple tips help you on becoming an expert in exercise motivation!

Do you struggle with you motivation when trying to lose weight??