Raise Your Expectations – Setting and Exceeding Weight Loss Goals

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Have you ever set a weight loss goal that you didn’t meet? At this day and age, who hasn’t right? Most of us know of at least one person we can think of who has at one point set a weight loss goal they did not meet. What if shared with you a way to meet and exceed that goal that you set? Would you be interested? Continue reading.

The key is to raise your expectations of what you expect of yourself. The big problem when it comes to expectations is this: when we set a goal and we don’t meet it we lower our expectations the next time we go out and set it. And then when we don’t meet that lowered expectation we set our expectations still even lower and we never really accomplish the goal we set out for ourselves.

The biggest mistake is to lower that expectation. What you have to do is demand more of yourself. Just when you think that you can’t take it any further or that you think you can only do so much you need to take it a step further.

For example, I’m doing this new training program where it is demanding of me to accomplish 2 sets of pull-ups for 25 repetitions! Rarely did I ever do more than 15 reps here it is asking me to do 25!

I was determined and I asked more of myself and did the best that I could and sure enough I was able to do what I demanded of myself.

When you make the decision to raise your expectations, you are going to need to get some information as to how to approach this new expectation so that you become successful. You are rarely going to succeed by using the same information you are currently using. You have to research and find new information to accomplish this new goal.

By raising and not lowering what you expect of yourself, you are on your way to improve and accomplish your goal. It doesn’t matter what others expect of you. It’s what you expect of yourself. Many people will underestimate you and have lower expectations of you. Go beyond what others think about what you can accomplish.