Enjoying Weight Loss

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Are you one of the legion of people having difficulty in losing weight? Many of us try every diet imaginable in an effort to lose those extra pounds and to ward off the diseases that result from carrying too much weight.

Is it possible that, just as in developing a great sex life with your partner, the answer is in one’s attitude? Our Moms taught us that we can get along better with our friends if we use the simple principles of etiquette such as refraining from gossip and being kind to those around us.

Sex is enhanced when the individuals within a couple consider the needs and emotions of the other. Again, values come to the forefront in enhancing simple human interaction.

Rather than agonizing over losing weight, weight loss may be as simple as focusing on excellent fitness. And why would anyone be concerned about fitness? Fitness isn’t the end product; rather it is the tool that allows one to live one’s life to the fullest. If the idea for one’s life is to sit in front of the TV and consume snack food, I suppose that is a valid end. The decision is deeply personal and not to be judged by other people.

But if the intent for one’s life is vibrant living, by what ever standard appeal to the individual, true fitness is the engine that will get you there.

So, rather than focusing on weight loss, a much more joyous process can be put in place by embracing the possibilities of your life. And make to mistake, each and every one of us has a potential for fulfillment of dreams and creation of excellence on a personal level.

Do you wish to run a marathon? That is within the realm of possibilities. But possibly you simply want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful jog through the neighborhood. Rather than waiting until you have lost the weight than will allow you to fit into the pretty running outfit, honor your psyche sufficiently to start out for the pure personal enjoyment. Take a leisurely stroll down a quiet pathway. Jog several feet simply for the fun. Concentrate of your enjoyment of this process–nothing more, nothing less.

Does boredom result in eating to fill up the time? Remember the insignificant hobbies or pass-times that you’ve found delightful in earlier years. Many of us become so busy dealing with current demands and responsibilities, we forget to listen to the whisper from our soul that informs us of our needs that are a part of our essence. Picture the violence we impose upon ourselves when we ignore drawing from the delight of our essence.

Is this a too-simple notion? Absolutely!! That is the point. Weight loss may be as easy as remembering our joy. Remember, they say we attract what we ponder upon. Rather than pondering on an inability to lose weight, participate in the feast of personal activity that brought joy in the past.

When we are children, we participate in activities that we love. Then, through social influence, we begin to participate in activity that others people call important. The growing trend of over-weight children is troublesome.

What an excellent model you can be for your children when they see you having fun or fulfilling your dreams.

Whether it is bicycle riding, painting wonderful art, building a chicken coop in the back yard to enjoy the pleasure of producing your own free-range chicken eggs for a nutritious morning meal, the simplicity of everyday life may be the key to encouraging priorities other than negative weight-loss concerns.

If you are waiting for the answer to your weight-loss obsession, you probably already suspect there isn’t a quick-fix answer. Instead, fitness may be about approaching life from a simpler and more personally basic perspective. Have some fun, and honor the person you uniquely are. Everything else may fall into place.