Just For the Guys – Hair Care Tips You’ll Love

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Guys hair is extremely different then girls, and while it’s nice to be able to steal your girlfriends hair products and just do something with your hair and go, it most often doesn’t end well. Men need hair care products and grooming techniques that work for men, and women need hair care products and techniques that work for women. A man cannot be expected to look his best without using man-type hair techniques. Like women, a man’s hair can make him look rugged and masculine, or soft and feminine, it can take him from nerdy to sexy all within a few small changes. However, men’s hair, different from women’s hair needs to be trimmed more often, and in order to keep that masculine style looking masculine, needs regular upkeep. Even an eighth of an inch can completely change a man’s style and general appearance perception.

Sometimes, men forget that conditioner is necessary. Even though you may not have much hair, shampoo still strips it of rid it from being flaky, shedding and other uncomfortable and unsightly side effects. Since men usually bald far before women, more care is needed to lengthen the lifespan of your hair and keep you looking clean and fresh. Don’t be cheap guys when it comes to your hair care products, men need good hair products just as much if not more than woman do to provide the perfect look with minimal damage. No more using your girlfriend’s mousse! It’s time to find products made for men that fit you.


* Remember guys, you need to keep your hair trimmed very often, every other week is best for top results
* Don’t skimp on hair care products, get products that are made for men and don’t be afraid to spend a little
* When washing, don’t forget to condition as it helps restore nutrients to your hair, and get shampoo made for men
* Wash with your fingertips massaging in a circular motion, don’t use nails
* For bed head hair, wash the night before and comb then wake up and edit in the morning

These hair tips were written with guys in mind, guys don’t neglect your hair! Hair care is important for you too.