Keeping Exercise Motivation High Until Summer Arrives

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1. Make it easy

A common problem with motivating yourself to exercise is that it just ‘sounds hard’. “It’s too much effort” or “it’ hurts too much” are thoughts that can arise.

So when it’s a cold, dark winters day and you feel like you’ve got zero motivation, make it as easy on yourself as possible! What is the easiest form of activity you could do? Could you:

• Bundle yourself up super warm and take a walk around the block? After this you might decide to walk further, or just call it quits – in which case you will still be feeling better than if you hadn’t walked at all.

• Get up from your desk and do 10 squats? The little energy boost you get from that may spur you on to continue.

You don’t need to think of an exercise session as an arduous task. It’s just ‘movement’ and you need to figure out what will get you moving. If that means sleeping in your exercise gear to prepare for a morning session, then do it!

2. Find a buddy

Accountability is one of the best motivational methods around. If you arrange to meet a friend at the gym, chances are that you’re not going to let them down, and once you get there, working out will be easier with someone to push you along.

If your budget allows, find yourself the ultimate accountability buddy and invest in a personal trainer. Small group training sessions are usually available to reduce the cost. Hiring a trainer for a few months over winter can go a long way towards helping you continue by yourself over spring and summer. A good personal trainer will help you develop and implement a plan that includes sustainable, healthy habits.