Healthy Living – 5 Step Diet to Lower Cholesterol!

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High cholesterol levels have detrimental effects to our bodies. A diet change can decrease your chances of suffering a heart attack by eating foods that reduce fats. There are other treatment alternatives however keeping to a healthy diet and regular exercise is the most natural and safest way to reduce and maintain normal cholesterol levels. In case you are having problems and you are looking to reduce these amounts of fats, here are some steps to guide you;

Step 1:

Studies have shown that if you eat small meals about six or five times a day this will considerably lower the amounts of fats that accumulate in your body. Therefore eat small meals five, six times a day instead of eating two, three heavy meals a day.

Step 2:

Case studies were done to heart bypass surgery patients who were divided in groups. One group was given a red grapefruit and the other a white grapefruit everyday while the other group ate whatever they wanted. It was seen that the groups that had a grapefruit everyday had substantially lowered their cholesterol levels in comparison to the other group that had none. Moreover that group that ate a red grapefruit everyday was seen to have lowered their triglyceride levels as well. According to these findings it is clear that having a red grapefruit everyday is most beneficial to people with high fats problems.

Step 3:

Biologically speaking, fats and oils are essential in our bodies. However collagen in our bodies is more beneficial especially if it is present in adequate quantities to produce elixir which is used to repair the stress fractures that occur in our arteries. If this amount is not sufficient, fats are broken down and used instead. Therefore consume foods rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and in large quantities to maintain a sufficient amount of collagen in the body, this will in turn reduce the amount of extra fats produced by the liver.

Step 4:

The liver produces most of the cholesterol in our bodies and therefore your diet should be healthy and balanced enough to reduce the high levels. Keep to a low fats diet menu.

Step 5:

Studies made by the school of Medicine at Stanford University showed that exercising on a regular basis either by walking, jogging or any other type of physical activity greatly reduces fats in the body. Hence exercise everyday for about an hour of half hour.