Does Dieting Motivation Work?

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Every time this phrase “Dieting Motivation” comes to mind, I kind of shrivel up inside. It’s just not a term that inspires. It really brings thoughts of denying yourself, suffering through endless crappy meals, and eventual heartbreak.

In general, I’m totally against using the term dieting at all. I guess because I’m constantly preaching “lifestyle” which is diametrically opposed to “dieting” in my mind. Adding motivation to the mix just doubles my depression. Ugh. I have to diet AND be motivated? No, sorry, that really doesn’t sound like me. I think I’ll pass.

Personally, I’m the type of person who’d rather exercise more and watch my calories less. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I realize there may be a few of you out there who don’t agree with this philosophy. And that’s OK, too. But then you have to come to terms with the fact that you will need to make changes in what you eat, how much you eat certain items, and how you feel about eating.

“How I feel about eating”? What?! I know it may sound crazy but especially us Americans, we eat more as a recreational event, as entertainment. Ever so long ago, most of us gave up on the notion that the purpose of eating is to provide the body with energy to function. And the fuel you use to stoke your body’s energetic fire makes a huge difference in how you feel and deal with plenty of seemingly unrelated issues in your life. Being a healthy eater can impact EVERY, EVERY, EVERY area of your life. Because it’s influencing how you feel, your emotions, your energy level…

People are always so focused on weight loss. And yes, I realize that is the focal point of my business, HOWEVER, there is such a struggle mentality surrounding weight loss success. And I think that if more people would begin to focus on general health and well-being, weight loss would be a happy side effect.

For dieting motivation to be effective at all, you’ve got to come in contact with your deepest connections to food and what’s holding you back. Just weight loss? Well, you’ve got to investigate the why’s of that desire. Knowing you SHOULD lose weight is not enough. You must reach deep down and find a true motivation that will carry you through tough times. When you’ve had a really bad day and just want to drown yourself in (fill-in-the-blank with your preferred diet destroyer), you’ve got to be able to pull yourself up out of that with a vision that’s more powerful. Inspiring your kids maybe. You have to find the precise motivation that will work for you.