Vegetarian Lunch Ideas: How to Plan Healthy Mid Day Meals

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Lunch time is a time for you to relax and get some fuel into your system to get you successfully through the rest of your day! For vegetarians, many years ago this was another time during the day when they had to find some form of bland lunch entree with very limited choices. Now, this is not the case! Vegetarian foods have become increasingly popular over the past year especially with so many people desiring to live a more organic type of lifestyle.

Finding vegetarian lunch ideas can be as simple as making a trip to your local library or surfing the web for a few minutes. Once you begin looking for the right food choices for lunch by doing a simple search online, you can find some truly delicious choices you may not have thought of previously. For example, many people forget that begin a vegetarian does not mean you must rule out all food groups! Whole grain pasta for one is an excellent source of protein and fiber and contains the good carbohydrates your body is craving. You can pair virtually any type of pasta dish with various vegetables and sauces of your choice as well.

Sandwiches are another vegetarian favorite for lunches. There are many types of vegetables that are delicious in these sandwiches, such as: lettuce, spinach, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, olives, pickles, etc. Adding a little bit of low-fat cheese is also a great way to add a little more taste to your sandwich. Grilled vegetables on a pita or tortilla are excellent and cost effective as well. It is less expensive to pack a lunch to work daily, and by becoming a vegetarian you will find your budget can go a lot further when you eat healthier foods!

Some other choices are soups, casseroles, and stirfrys. Being a vegetarian has so many health benefits to it such as living a longer life span, making it much easier to put in a few days of testing the lunch and dinner options to begin living much healthier! While granola, nuts and fruits are wise snacks, it is not all that being a vegetarian consists of. Another great tip is to get the whole family involved. If your little ones eat a vegetarian diet as well, then everyone should be able to participate in the new food tasting days to result in a family friendly vegetarian menu!