Muscle Building Diet – Importance of Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important part of your muscle building diet. It decides what kind of day you are going to have; energetic or dragging. Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast aids in energy throughout the day.

Forgetting breakfast can leave your energy depleted and your workouts dead. Many people today don’t even eat breakfast and of the ones who do its almost eat always sugar based cereals. People think eating donuts and cereal for breakfast is healthy and then wonder why they lose energy halfway through the day. Its because of the fuel they are giving their body.

The human body is like a machine and needs great nutrition to run properly. Without a sound muscle building diet you are just killing your results. If you want to hit the next level with your mass building you need a nutrition rich diet.

No one knows where the breakfast myth came about. I guess uneducated nutrition habits were passed on from parents to kids. This is why America is so overweight. People just don’t know what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

Parents feed their kids sugar enhanced cereals. I could never do that to my kid and knowing what it would do to their body. Feeding them hearty meals would be my number one priority. I wouldn’t be having them eat perfectly but I would definitely be cutting out a lot of items from their diets completely. So start today to inform yourself and others on proper nutrition.