Practicing Healthy Diet Lifestyle

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I used to be a slim woman but there was a time in my life I experienced obesity. It happened two years ago after I born my first child. I had great frustrations and really lost my self confident. It was a hard time. I tried many diet tips and gain back more weight than I lost. I did not eat from morning till evening, only drinking cups of soda drinks. I found myself left in burden of ill healthy problems.

Then I saw a weight loss program advertisement in newspapers. I called them, made an appointment, and went there directly, spending all cash in my purse. I felt it was worthless to try the program. I only loss few kilograms and I could not stand the cost. One day, I saw a diet lifestyle taught by a doctor in television channel by coincidentally, I decided to try the advices, and then it really worked.

So amazing, I left my full-pressured diet program and started a healthy diet lifestyle. I eat vegetables and fruits and beans, drink water (no more soda drink) the whole day and do workout regularly. It can help me to keep fresh and far from hungry as well. And remember that meal is the first enemy on diet practice. So, if you got a bit hungry, you can eat fruits or vegetable such as banana, apple or any fresh fruits which can still keep us from hungry. I still got many diet articles which will be very helpful for you.