A Couple of Diet Motivation Tips

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So you know that you should lose weight and should probably go on a diet; motivation, though, is low. Let’s face it; it is hard to give up all of those foods you’ve become accustomed to eating, even if you know they are making you gain unwanted and unhealthy weight. It is possible, though, to successfully lose weight with a few tips to keep you on track.

Diet Motivation Tip #1: Set Attainable Goals. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you have 20, 30 or more pounds to lose, break it up into smaller amounts. After all, the healthiest and safest weight loss is between 1 to 2 pounds each week. Cutting back a mere 100 calories each day can achieve a weight loss of 10 pounds over one year.

Diet Motivation Tip #2: Expect a few setbacks. Temptations will be everywhere, and seem to become even more noticeable when on a diet. If you happen to give in once in awhile, forgive yourself promptly and continue on the diet. Eating a few cookies or a large piece of cheesecake doesn’t mean you have sabotaged your entire diet, only that you are human.

Diet Motivation Tip #3: Find a Mentor. Whether it is a new found friend at Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous or a family member, having someone to turn to when your determination begins to waver can give you the support you need. People with the similar goals know the battles you face, and can help to pick you up when necessary.

Diet Motivation Tip #4: Patience is Key. Just as pounds didn’t appear overnight, they won’t disappear overnight. Celebrate small successes, even if it isn’t in numbers on the scale. When you reach a plateau and no weight loss shows, pat yourself on the back for exercising regularly or for having beautiful skin. Change up your exercise routine to get back on track; even doing it in reverse will work to trick your system.

Diet Motivation Tip #5: Incentives are Great Motivators. Reward yourself for a job well done as you achieve goals. A facial, a candlelit, scented bubble bath, that great new novel you’ve wanted to read or a day spent with a good friend are all ways to remind yourself that you are a wonderful person deserving of a healthy body.

The best diet motivation tip of all? Don’t consider this a diet at all. Losing weight means making changes in your life; changes that lead to better health and well being. Focusing on the fact you are heading for that better life is the best motivator. Most of all, don’t give up on you. You are truly a person worthy of being healthy and fit, and keeping your motivation high will get you there.