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It’s a common phenomenon that people, who want to lose their weight, opt for dieting without any proper diet plan in knowledge. Obese people have a preconceived notion in their mind that dieting and exercising will cut down their weight to a considerable amount. Energetic people opt for physical exercise and related activities but those who can’t exercise go for dieting. But a clear idea about proper diet is not known to many people. So, before adopting any diet plan for losing weight quickly, some dieting basics should be known to us.

Dieting basics
The main objective of dieting is to shed off excess weight. It’s a cumulative end result achieved through the following:
o Reducing intake of calorie
o improving metabolism of the body
o minimizing absorption of fat
o improving digestion

Dieting means to eat healthy and smartly. It has a definite objective of shedding excess weight by changing our dieting habits. Considering three major meals a day, one’s eating habit should be as:
o heavy breakfast
o moderate lunch
o light dinner

Breakfast: In order to have the energy for the peak working hours of the day (9am-6pm) one should have a heavy breakfast. During this period, the body is highly active and requires a good amount of energy. Having a heavy breakfast not only provides energy but also prevent overeating during lunch.

Lunch: As a feeling of fullness persists due to heavy breakfast, one can have moderate lunch and retain the energy to do work.

Dinner: Diner should be the lightest meal of the day. Thinking of an inverted pyramid, heavy breakfast is at the top, moderate lunch at the middle and light dinner at the bed.

The most effective Diets for losing weight quickly

The most effective diets for weight loss follow the basic calorie substitution principle and the meal model of inverted pyramid. Some popular diets names are mentioned below:

o Atkins diet
o South Beach diet
o Glycemic Index diet
o Zone diet
o Mediterranean diet
o Abs diet
o Grapefruit diet
o Sonoma diet
o Grape diet
o Cabbage soup diet

Before getting into the details of the above mentioned diets, we must know their common principle of action which is calorie substitution

Calorie Substitution: As the name sounds’ it is the phenomenon of substituting food of high calorie content with low calorie content food. For example if your favorite morning donut is substituted with an apple or a few slices of papaya then it is likely to give more nutrients and less calories.

The above mentioned diets for quick weight losses have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you follow a certain diet plan then it is advised to stick to it for the prescribed time period or else you will not achieve the desired result. If you go out of your diet plan and change the eating habits then it may have a negative effect on your weight. Further if you have any health problems then it is always advised to consult a dietitian before adopting any diet plan.