Effective Weight Loss Exercises

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Building an at-home workout can be quite a daunting task; however, there are a couple of weight loss exercises that can help you shed fat effectively without the need of spending your money on gym memberships or expensive equipment. Focusing on exercises that target specific parts of the body (like crunches and leg-lifts) is just a waste of time and I see a lot of people falling into this trap very easily. If your main aim is to burn the maximum amount of fat within a short time frame then I suggest you keep reading. Losing weight and getting a slim and sexy new body can be very easy (yes, I have been through the weight loss journey myself) but you have to follow these simple, yet effective, concepts. I personally think these are the golden foundations that make a great workout routine.

Effective Weight Loss Exercises That Will Burn Fat Quickly: Try creating a difficult task by altering between these five exercise groups so that you have less chance of exercise burn out. Select an exercise, or exercise alteration, from each of these groups and do the individual exercises one after the other with minimal rest (or no rest if you can handle it).

1. Upper body pushes (push-up and dip alterations)
2. Upper body pull (regular and inverted rows and chin ups)
3. Lower body (squat variations, step ups)
4. Abdominal exercise (reverse crunches, inch worms, or planks)
5. Total body exercise/miscellaneous (burpees or jumping jacks)

After you’ve done the 5 categories circuit take a few breaths in and rest. Do at least 3-5 laps on the circuit from the five elected practices.

Do not try to do more drills faster. This will eliminate the advantages of these weight loss exercises.

– Slowly reduce breaks between rounds or ramp up the number of replications for EACH activity you do.
– Gradually increase the number of sets and repetitions to add more challenge. The more challenging, the better. Just don’t try to over-do it.
– As soon as you are capable of doing five laps with no more than one minute between circuits, vary the exercises in each group to continue to shed off unwanted fat, rebuild a slim body, and reduce the chances of exercise burn out.

Here’s a Weight Loss Exercise Sample

Starters: Don’t try to do too much repetitions of these exercises and risk injury or discouragement.

– 10 reverse lunges on one leg then switch to the other
– 10 inverted rows
– Do some planking for about 1 minute (Be careful where you plank though)
– 10 step ups – 10 close grip push-ups
– 50 jumping jacks
– Finish each workout for the appointed repetitions or time length without pausing whilst doing the drills and move onto the next activity with no, or short breaks.
– Have a 2-3 minute break to catch your breath.
– Perform the whole routine no less than three times and no more than five times. Losing weight is simply an issue of limiting your caloric consumption and shedding calories through exercise. If your aim is to lose weight quickly and naturally, then this workout routine is for you. If combined with a fat loss diet, you are guaranteed to start seeing results within weeks.