Get Your Motivation Up And Watch Your Weight Go Down

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Are you a person that finds the perfect weight loss plan, gets rid of the high fat, sugary stuff in the pantry, chooses a start day and full of hope and enthusiasm starts off on yet another weight loss attempt?

But does your initial burst of enthusiasm fade away a short time after (maybe days/weeks) and you find yourself de-railed yet again and we are unable to maintain what we have planned to do?

Often we lose some weight but that soon returns with some extra as well when we ‘fall off the wagon’ yet again. Then we are left with frustration and despair as to why this keeps happening and the worst part is we often continue on to gain more fat weight and feel even worse about it as time goes on.

Well the answer to this is that we are all wired deep in our subconscious mind with thoughts, self-beliefs, ideas and feelings that mould into a sort of template of “what to do in every circumstance”. This is automatic and affects our actions (or inactions) in every part of our lives, for better or worse. Our subconscious mind is in control of the decisions we make and don’t make every single day.

If we have become overweight something has become ‘out of kilter’ in our wiring as the natural way our body wants to exist is slim, fit, strong and healthy. Our templates especially in the area of nutrition and exercise can become ‘skew whiff’ with bad ideas and attitudes about food, physical activity and dieting which cause us to eat the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoid exercise.

Our thinking can become ‘junky’ with inherited wisdom about taking care of ourselves mixed in with some good old self-delusion that form roadblocks and obstacles that make the task of losing weight and getting healthy very difficult if not impossible. With the wrong templates wired into our brain we are like a computer running on old outdated software and it affects us by derailing us over and over again no matter how many diets and exercise programs we begin.

Mostly we are not sure of why we make the oodles of little decisions we make each day and why we do things as we are running on autopilot. But we do take notice when our body becomes larger and heavier than we would like it to be. We wonder how we can get off this merry-go-round.

Well firstly, we need to dig down and find these incongruent thoughts and self-beliefs that are getting in the way of successful weight loss and make some changes to our ‘inner’ mind programming so it works with us instead of against us. Once we find them we change them so they are a ‘match’ for what we REALLY WANT on the outside of our body.

If it is a slim, trim fit sexy body you are after then you need to have your software template automatically making the right decisions about food and exercise every single day. This is the only way you can have weight loss without the struggle and the on-going battle with yourself. To achieve real and lasting results in a natural sustainable way for the long-term you must have the brain software that a ‘naturally slim’ person ‘runs’.

The good news is I have documented exactly how you can achieve this in my eBook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” which sets out the strategies and tools for this mind software upgrade.

Once you implement the simple and proven concepts you will be so motivated to make the changes and improvements that will lead you to that new, slim, trim body. The really good part if once you have the key to unlock these secrets you will be amazed at how easy and effortless it all will be for you. Gone will be that overweight, unhappy body and you will never want to go back there again.