What You Are Not Getting From Green Lipped Mussel Recipes

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Green lipped mussel recipes will tell you how to cook green lipped mussels, and thousands of ways to make scrumptious dishes out of these shellfish. What they don’t teach you are the most important things you need to know about green shelled mussels: all the health benefits you miss out on once the mussels are cooked.

This is not to say, or even give the slightest suggestion, that you should eat them fresh out the waters. Not everyone has a taste for raw seafood, particularly shellfish. Even if you do like to eat raw shellfish, it is not guaranteed to be safe at all times.

Although, historically, it is known that the Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) ate green shelled mussels raw and that it was a main part of their diet; they were documented to be one of the healthiest peoples of their time. The Maori were known to have never suffered from arthritis, have low cancer rate, and a long life span. Before western diets came and ruined that for them.

What this tells us is that green shelled mussel, in its fresh and raw form contains all the health-giving benefits that we can get from it. Green lipped mussel recipes will only give you various ways of preparing these mussels to make delicious meals out of them.

What you need to know is that when green lipped mussels are cooked, they are exposed to heat. Since green mussels break down and oxidize easily, the high temperature that we use when cooking degrades the natural health-giving components that these mussels contain. These components are what makes this food healthful and provide therapeutic benefits, as a natural anti-inflammatory for one.

Green shelled mussel supplements, when prepared and packed right, preserves all the nutrients and components that will make us healthy. It also maintains its therapeutic quality so we can use it as a natural alternative treatment of different medical conditions, such as arthritis and asthma.

Now that we know that cooked green shelled mussel, while tasty does not provide the maximum benefits that we are supposed to get, green lipped mussel supplements is the only best option that we have. However, we can still cook green lipped mussel recipes and get all the health and therapeutic benefits that we need. How? By using green shelled mussel powder. We can sprinkle it onto our food, therefore allowing us to enjoy our tasty green mussel meal while getting all the nutrients that these mussels contain.